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Pajama Walk

Experience one of the most exciting walks in Charlotte! The Lowe's Pajama Walk!

Join us at McAlpine Creek Park for the 5th annual Pajama Walk presented by Lowe's Companies Inc. Able Business Resource Group. 

The Pajama Walk raises awareness and funds for Friendship Circle & ZABS Place - two local non-profits supporting genuine inclusive friendships, job training, employment, and placement for individuals with special needs abilities.

Wondering Why Pajamas? Well, pajamas are comfortable, and no one worries about whether they match or what others might say. That's exactly the kind of community we're working on building. We want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves and not worrying about whether they "match" everyone else.

Of course, we also dream in pajamas and we're all about making dreams come true for children, teens, and adults of ALL abilities. Join us and  #MakeDreamsComeTrue!

Fun at the Pajama Walk

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