About Us


A community where individuals of ALL abilities are recognized as valuable members and are given a chance.


To empower individuals of all abilities through inclusive social and vocational opportunities so they can positively impact the community.


We believe everyone has a soul with a unique Divine mission. We are all granted intrinsic worth and the capacity for love and friendship.

Building Furniture at ZABS Place

About ZABS Place

ZABS Place is dedicated to helping young adults with special needs talents harness their unique abilities and prepare to transition into relevant careers — realizing their dreams of leading purposeful lives.

We are a non-profit thrift boutique in Matthews, NC that serves as a stepping stone for specially-talented young adults who don’t yet have the polished skills to pursue their aspirations. Our individualized in-store training program offers the benefits of inclusion for the community and our Special Talent.

About Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle was founded to highlight a human "superpower" that was being largely ignored – the power of genuine friendship. We all need good friends in our lives but for a child with special needs, the opportunity to experience a real, lasting friendship with a typically developing peer is almost unheard of. 

We're all about creating real and lasting friendships between children & teens of all abilities and their typically-developing peers. We are committed to building a more inclusive community by offering engaging opportunities for these “unlikely friends”' to meet and get to know each other. The benefits, for everyone involved, are clear and the impact is growing.

Having fun at Friendship Circle