If you can dream it, you can do it!

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Please help me make dreams come true!

This Fall, I'm stepping out in my pajamas. Not because I'm too lazy to do laundry but because I'm committing to make dreams come true for children, teens, and adults with special needs.

Please join me, or sponsor me, as I walk with hundreds of others to support ZABS Place and Friendship Circle, two organizations dedicated to recognizing abilities and celebrating differences.

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Dream with Me!

Sunday 23rd Oct

Dear Friends, 


Before I continue, YES, this is a mass email, but it’s an entertaining one 😊

It's Sunday night and I'm sure a well deserved sleep is on your agenda tonight :) Well let me be the first to wish you "Sweet Dreams."


We all have dreams. Some realistic, some a little less realistic. But since most dreams are about ourselves and our loved ones, let's take just one day to help make other people's dreams come true. 


The Pajama Walk on November 13th is out to make dreams come true for individuals with disabilities.


Like Carter’s dream to work at the Nascar Hall of Fame. (click link for story)


Or Erin’s Dream of Getting her first paycheck. (click link for story)


Or Jordan’s Dream of Becoming Independent (Click link for story)


Or just having a friend to chill with at Friendship Circle’s Inclusive Fun Zone.


Or how about our Friends at Friendship Circle staying connected During Covid!


So that's why I'll be walking in my Pajamas this November 13th at the Pajama Walk


Why in my Pajamas? Because we dream in our Pajamas and we're about to make dreams come true!

Let's make more of these dreams come true by supporting friendship at Friendship Circle and employment opportunities at ZABS Place!


If you’re already signed for the Pajama Walk, please consider this email a heartfelt thanks for making dreams come true!


Otherwise, you can sign up at PajamaWalk.com or you can also donate to my Pajama Walk page.

Thank you and sweet dreams :) 


Thank you to my Sponsors


Gary And Randy Defilipp


Herson Family


Rachel Friedman


Philip And Lauren Stark


Harry/gloria Lerner


Bentzion Groner



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